Friday, 17 February 2012

GIVEAWAY ~ Heartstrings : Brown Heart with Orange Flowers, White Buds & Pretty Yellow Rose

Orange flowers amidst tiny white buds, also a tiny cream-coloured pocket to insert message

Pretty yellow rose

Sitting pretty with other lil hearts (far left - front)

Sitting pretty with other lil hearts (far left - reverse)

Tiny message for this heart is "Make Peace"

This lovely little heart is going to have a home with someone special.  As mentioned in an email to invited guests, the 3rd person who becomes a follower (i.e. Lelima House Guest) will stand to receive this  wonderful, unique piece.  So the little heart goes to.....JEYAPRAKASH.  Congrats!!!

 This cute, little heart measures approximately 4cm x 4cm.  The base is made of dark brown and cream coloured felt, it features a delightful design of orange flowers amidst tiny white buds on one side while the flipside has a cute yellow rose.  A small pocket that has a tiny cross-stitched message with the words "Make Peace" is rolled and inserted into it (as shown in last pic above;  however, the green heart and other tiny messages in that pic are not included in this giveaway).  Hand embroidery and pretty colours add texture and depth to this wonderful piece of art.

It comes with a ribbon hanger so that you can easily hang as decorative item on a door knob, the car rear-view mirror, your handbag/pouch or even as a key-chain, handphone charm or gift tag - the possibilities are endless. Heart is slightly padded with polyester-fiber filling.

Price : Priceless
Status : Given Away with Love

For further information, please email : or leave an inquiry in the comment box below.

P/S :  Please take note that Lelima House followers will receive a further 10% discount on each item purchased.

Thank you for participating, please come again. 

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